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Eye Care Excellence

Love your eyes @ Eye Care Excellence 
                       OPTOMETRIST, SCHOOLVISION & CONTACT LENS PRACTITIONER. 34 MARKET STR, ulverston, la12 7lr.
               TELEPHONE: 01229 587050 /581838

Customer Testimonials - 
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"Simply the best!"

Maria Evans - Barrow-in-Furness

"Many thanks for a professional and thorough eye test and check up."

Mr Phil Heath - Barrow-in-Furness


"The OPTOMAP was amazing. I would have paid much more than what you are asking for such a superb service."

Mr S. - Ulverston

"Best eye test I have had in years!"


Norma Bell - Ulverston

"I am amaized. I feel as if I have really been looked after and that I have really had a full eye examination. The tests are amaizing!"


Patricia Imeson - Barrow-in-Furness




" I cannot thank Tracey enough for helping my daughter with her vision. Within 6 weeks of recieving her prism tinted glasses, her reading age has jumped from 6 years 4 months to 7 years. Her confidence has risen and she is the happiest she has ever been at school. Fantastic! Tracey you are a star."

Miss Lawson. Ulverston


" You are really "eyecare excellence.""

Mr S. Edmondson. Dalton-in-Furness 

" What a cracking place! Very friendly staff - good giggle this morning at my choice of current eye apparel and lack of visibility (old specs made elsewhere)- soon to be upgraded! I can't wait ( for my new specs from Eye Care Excellence). Lovely appointment with Tracey. Very patient and informative. CAN'T RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH."

Miriam C.